The Design Futures Lab is a collaborative space of speculative research and design in the MFA Design program at CCA. Design has a vital role to play in shaping both the imagination and our tangible expression of the future, building towards more resiliency, equity, and inclusion. In manufacturing processes, technology development, urban engagement, and aesthetic expressions, design is at the forefront of these questions. Design Future Lab takes this charge, designing and testing innovating ideas and shaping both the form and values of our future cities and environment.

PAST | Project Space Takeover #8 | To Tote

Mar 19 5:30 - 7:30pm CCA Hubbell Street Project Space

Every day we are asked to carry the burden of capitalism. Every decision we make in the things we consume is subject to scrutiny. To tote also means to carry, to bear a burden. Using the burden of the garment industry, both on labourers and the environment, as a lens into ethical consumption, we ask, how can we tote the burden of late-stage capitalism? Are we as individuals not as responsible as large corporations? Totes have become a symbol of zero waste efforts, can they be symbolic of much more?