The Design Futures Lab is a collaborative space of speculative research and design in the MFA Design program at CCA. Design has a vital role to play in shaping both the imagination and our tangible expression of the future, building towards more resiliency, equity, and inclusion. In manufacturing processes, technology development, urban engagement, and aesthetic expressions, design is at the forefront of these questions. Design Future Lab takes this charge, designing and testing innovating ideas and shaping both the form and values of our future cities and environment.

Future of Music

The Future of Music is an ongoing collaboration of CCA's Design Futures Lab with Global Innovation Design program in London + Lawrence Azerrad of LAD Design in Los Angeles. Through international student workshops and connected to industry thought leaders in music, production, and design, the project proposes future trajectories of social experiences, live performance, and sensory expression, and how this imagination might expand our notions of musical expression technology.

The music industry, even before COVID, was undergoing massive change. From the formats of music production, to distribution networks, to financial models, to sharing and listening. When most of the world started sheltering-in-place, the experience of live music and shared music experiences changed even more. Music festivals are grappling with virtual experiences, and technology is playing a new role in developing both the social and experiential roles music plays in our lives. Many recording artists are now seeking new ways to connect with their audiences. We know that long before the world began sheltering in place, the role of music as a social, experiential, and shared experience has been transforming dramatically.

Designers, musicians, festivals, producers, technologists and media venues are all responding to the challenge of using distributed platforms to reimagine the relationship between design, music and our most fundamental human experiences.