The Design Futures Lab is a collaborative space of speculative research and design in the MFA Design program at CCA. Design has a vital role to play in shaping both the imagination and our tangible expression of the future, building towards more resiliency, equity, and inclusion. In manufacturing processes, technology development, urban engagement, and aesthetic expressions, design is at the forefront of these questions. Design Future Lab takes this charge, designing and testing innovating ideas and shaping both the form and values of our future cities and environment.

Miko Yu

Interaction Designer 2020

Mingke is an interaction designer who uses design as a tool to ask questions about human-tool relationships and emerging technologies. She loves to experiment with any sort of media to embody ideas and craft experiences. The world is her playground, where design is the magic that blends thinking and making.

Artist Summary

What if any object is as user-friendly as the innovative products we have today, whose usage is either suggested by innate affordance or shown by externalized instructions? In her MFA thesis, "Object Professionalism," Mingke talks about how artifacts become more and more knowledge-loaded with the dominance of user-centered design, and people only need to know the way to use them. With this particular scarf project at the lab, she wonders what if the primary meaning an object bears is the way to use it. How is it like if knowledge of using is embedded within objects, but not passed down through experience or imitation? Steps and gestures are mapped and woven into the patterns. An object as ancient as a scarf tells the usage itself.